NO Phishing - NO Pornography

General :

1.- Don't be rude and respect all members,we don't care about ranks,we are all the same
2.- We don't allow to post mails in the forum.By P.M.
3.- Don't spam in the forum even in P.M, that why we have Thanks Button.
4.- All manuals and tutorials copy&paste u must to put original author and where u found it ,otherwise will be blocked and deleted.
5.- Before to post use Search Button.
6.- The titles of the post must match the content of it, otherwise will be blocked.
7.- If u post anything infected ,u will be directly BANNED without be advice.
8.- Max size of signatures up to 450*150.
9.- If u want to thanks any post use "thanks button" otherwise will be the post deleted and member BANNED.
10.- Not allowed the sale of tools.
11.- All emails are reviewed by the system (emails in 10 minutes or similar pages) will be instantly deleted accounts.
13.- Not allowed post the type (Very Well, Thank You, Down, etc.) the user will be notified once the second will be banned.
12.- Not allowed as Sharechash,
survey, adfly or similar links to the forum.
Report broken links HERE | or deleted all the post and banned user.

Buy & Sale :

1- if you wanna buy any thing from member you must need to do escrow (Otherwise if you get scam we don't take any responsibility)
2-if you wanna sale any product/method/stuff/services you must need to provide vouch copy (A legit copy for staff or trusted member)
3- if seller reject to provide vouch copy then selling thread will be trashed
4- normal member/newbie have no rights for vouch copy.

Shoutbox :

A. - Not allowed to post external links to the forum.
2. - The chat is to discuss, not to ask for help on any subject.
3. - A warning, second banned.

All Posts :

A. - All post must carry the respective image, in the case of crypter, binders, stealers, downloaders .. must carry a current scan, if not delete the post.

These rules can be modified.