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      8086 Assembler The Stack

      Stack is an area of memory for keeping temporary data.
      Stack is used by CALL instruction to keep return address for procedure, RET instruction gets this value from the stack and returns to that offset.
      Quite the same thing happens when INT instruction calls an interrupt, it stores in stack flag register, code segment and offset. IRET instruction is used to return from interrupt call.

      We can also use the stack to keep any other data,
      there are two instructions that work with the stack:

      PUSH - stores 16 bit value in the stack.

      POP - gets 16 bit value from the stack.

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      Notwithstanding its low-level abilities, the dialect was intended to support cross-stage programming. A norms consistent and movably composed C program can be accumulated for a wide assortment of PC stages and working frameworks with few changes to its source code. The dialect has turned out to be accessible on an extensive variety of stages, from implanted microcontrollers to supercomputers. Unix was one of the principal working framework portions actualized in a dialect other than gathering. Prior occasions incorporate the Multics framework which was composed in and Master Control Program for the Burroughs B5000 written in ALGOL in 1961. In around 1977, Ritchie and Stephen C. Johnson rolled out further improvements to the dialect to encourage conveyability of the Unix working framework. Johnson's Portable C Compiler filled in as the reason for a few usage of C on new stages.

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