What payment method are they asking for? Do they respond pretty fast to the emails/Skype messages you send them? do they just sell products similar to what your buying or do they sell things like iPhone cases and then Ipads? Do they want 100% upfront? do they offer samples? if so what is the cost for 1 sample and what is the transit time? do they try to rush you to buy from them? Will they give you their company's address and phone number?

Ideally you want a supplier that does all of the following:

  • has been in business for 3+ years
  • responds within 24 hrs to emails
  • Offers TT(bank wire), PayPal. or escrow as a payment
  • sells only products that are similar(like an iPhone case, and hairbands those are all the same material )
  • never do business with a company that wont give you a sample(usually cost $30-$50)
  • Never sent payments to personal names as it could be an upset worker only send to company's(or you can send to a personal name if your 100% sure its the owner of the company)
  • gives you their phone number and address right away within 2-3 mins id say would be good but you can judge that
  • Look up the address and phone number to be sure that the address is registered to the same company you are dealing with.
  • 30% upfront and 70% before they send out the product would be ideal, however most require 100% upfront. Some may make you only pay some upfront and the rest after you receive your product however this is rare

Talk to 10+ companies and see which fit into the criteria you have set. Then narrow it down to 3 or so suppliers, then get a sample from each supplier and go with the one that offers the best price for the quality.

That's all i have for you right now that is all the research i did with all the company's i spoke with and recommenced you do too. Now keep in mind you are never 100% guaranteed but doing research like listed above will help you greatly decrease you risk.

Hope this helps you if your looking to get into importing/exporting!

Ill worlk on more guides like this for you guys some with import/export some with offline marketing