Step one WeSellDoges - Your own doge coin trader

Buy doges with paypal 4$ daily limit, I emailed them my first day and got a 50$ cap and my account is unverified.

Step two find and exchange (make sure you pay attention to prices and fees to get the most out of your exchange) I usually find one with 0% fee and sell at 0.00000106BTC

Step three withdraw to you bitcoin wallet.

After you raise your daily cap this whole process should only take 5minutes to exchange and 100% safe as of now (i'm not saying weselldoges are 100% legit) but Ive bought from then 4times already, received my coins within minutes.

I hope this makes trading alot safer and easier for you guys.

Donations welcome.


Bump no views wtf? this is what tbn has been looking for.