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      how to Send items to Amazon to sell.

      this is rather long but here's a step by step guide on how to do your first fba shipment.

      1. Add the item(s) to amazon on the listing at the bottom select I want amazon to ship this item.

      2. Check all the items you want to send to amazon and them click on send replenish inventory

      3. Select if all the items in the box are case or individual(all the same or a whole bunch of different items in the box)

      4. You can add any items here if you forgot any. And you will input how many of each item you have on this page.

      5. On the fifth page you will need to print item labels what I recommend is that you used Avery inkjet or laser jet 30 up labels depending on if you have an inject printer or laser jet. They will cost about $10. But it will save you a lots of time and you will not have to cut and paste them on the items with tape. Amazon will automatically make the labels for you based on the items you added and how many of that item you had so you have to be sure you input the right amount of items. After you have them printed you then need to add them to the products they must cover the products UPC code so if Amazon scans it it will not scan the UPC code but the Amazon label you added you do this because Amazon needs a way to identify your item from someone else's when they receive it.

      6. You get a box and put your items in it weigh it and get the dimensions there is a field on the page that you can put the weight the dimensions into and then click calculate. It will then tell you the price it would cost to send it into Amazon. Amazon has it really great rates with the UPS store. So it is usually very cheap I average about $.70 per item to ship to amazon. I just sent a package that Wade can pounds to Amazon for $5.63 that is less than a dollar a pound can't beat that if you try. If all your items do not fit in one box you would add all the boxes on the page the same way you just did the first box. If you are satisfied with the shipping rate you then click approve charges. Then you print the box labels also known as shipping labels. Then I recommend using Avery half sheet labels for inkjet or laser jet again depending on what printer you have. You don't have to use the labels you can just print it out on a plain sheet of paper and then tape it on but the labels I feel are worth it as a safe time and they stick better.

      7. Then you put the box labels or shipping labels on the box there are two of them. You then can schedule a pick up for I think it's $15 or you can just take it to the local UPS store and drop it off it has already been paid for on Amazon so you just have to say to the UPS cashier that you have a drop off package.

      8. You wait for Amazon to receive your items and then they will start selling them for you.(if you did good research on the items)

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      thank for this bro

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