So I recently discovered this new site called IFTTT, the site basically let's you create triggers that cause other things to happen. There's hundreds of different triggers, varying from 'at midnight on January first post 'happy new year' to facebook' to 'when I subscribe to a YouTube channel send a text to my phone'

However I'm going to show you how to get your blogger/wordpress post's to automatically be posted to Facebook (page or profile)

1) Sign up here:
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2) After confirming your account and everything click the 'create a recipe' button.

3) Click the blue highlights text that says 'This'

4) Choose either Blogger or wordpress (unless you want to use IFTTT for something else)

5) click 'Activate'

6) Choose when you want your posts to be sent to Facebook (I'm gonna use 'any new post')

7) Click 'create trigger'

8) Click 'that'

9) Choose either 'Facebook', 'Facebook Pages' or 'Facebook Groups' (I'm gonna use 'pages')

10) Activate that too

11) Choose how you'd like the link to your new blog post to be displayed (I'm gonna use 'upload a photo from URL' (For this to work you'll need to put an image on each of your posts, if you don't want to do that then just click 'create a link post')

12) Click 'Create Action' (Unless you want to have an additional message displayed)

13) Click 'Create Recipe'


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