Setup your own hosting service using VestaCP

* Server running Ubuntu / Debian with a dedicated IPv4 address
* An SSH client and root access
* A domain (if you want to host your own DNS service with nameservers)
* 15-30 minutes of time.
Let's jump straight into it, shall we?

1. The first thing that you need to do is to login to your server using SSH in a client of your choice, in this case I’ll be using the most popular client which his called Putty. After you’ve connected to the server, you want to sign in as the root user.

2. After you’ve signed in as root, it’s recommended that you perform some upgrades of the operating system before you proceed installing VestaCP. Run the following commands to perform updates of installed packages:
apt-get update
apt-get -y upgrade
apt-get -y dist-upgrade
3. After you’ve performed above upgrades, you’re ready to start installing VestaCP on your server. To start the installation of VestaCP, you need to execute the following commands:
Now you need to follow the instructions on the screen, when it asks for what hostname you want to use, enter the domain that you own and want to use for your hosting service. Also make sure to enter your e-mail address correctly, as that’s where the password for the control panel is sent after the installation is finished.

4. After the installation is done, all you’ve to do is to open up your browser and visit the URL:
It’ll complain about the SSL certificate being invalid as its self-signed, so just ignore that and continue to the page. After that, enter the login information that were sent to your e-mail address.

5. Now the base installation of VestaCP is done, but there’s still some tweaking that’s needed to be done to make it fully functional.
To enable support for your own nameservers, you need to click on DNS in the top of the control panel. After that, select your domain and click on the edit button, then change to child-ns in the “template” dropdown menu.
After you’ve changed to child-ns, you need to set the SOA record as well, enter the following in the box text field:
After you’ve entered the correct SOA record, save the changes.

6. Now you need to modify the packages to match your nameservers, you do this by clicking at “Packages” at the top of the site. Then click on the “edit” button next to a package and update the SOA records to match what you entered earlier. Repeat this step for every package that you want to use.

7. Next step is to register the nameservers at your registrar, this varies depending on registrar and here’s some guides on how to do it:
After you’ve registered your own nameservers, you need to point your own domain to these nameservers, eg. You can do this in the control panel for your domain.

That's pretty much it, if you have any issues settings things up, just let me know and I'll do my best to help you out.