[GET] - Visitor Signin System v1.0

Visitor Signin System is a PHP Web Application is a simple and easy to use check in & check out procedure for visitors on a single check in and out station, So you can keep track of people who visit your office. Please check out our documentation at Visitor Signin System - Documentation

Main Features:

Visitor Management
Utilize the windows tablet front facing camera to take picture of Visitor
Signature to be captured when a visitor checks in
Print out badge with visitor picture and name for visitor
Easy install with simple steps using install.php
Full Log capability when visitor gets force signed out and deleted
Table log of user logins and data modification
Dual-user permissions groups (admin and basic user accounts)
Admin Approvel prior to new user account setup
Captcha™ math problem on login/forgot/register pages to protect from brute force attacks
Full Feature Admin Section; with user management, additional logs, and panel settings
Clean user friendly interface
Highly configurable (Commented Code)
Can turn off feature take picture of visitor
Maintenance Mode if you don’t want to have any visitor’s signin
Email Notification when visitor signs in and when user registers for the admin back end
Export Visitors to Excel (CSV File)
Image of Visitors with signature are stored in the database encoded so no file storage makes it safer.

[GET] - Visitor Signin System v1.0
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