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      Cool How To Build Backlinks To Your Niche Site To Rank On Google

      How to build backlinks to your niche site to rank on Google

      Before I go into my strategy, Iíd like to first give credit to Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income because I borrowed the idea from his niche site duel series.

      Apart from reading my version of link building strategy, you can also check his version out just to see what are the differences and let me know in the comment area below.
      Before going into the details, allow me to show you my poorly crafted diagram:

      How To Build Backlinks To Your Niche Site To Rank On Google

      What you see here is what some SEO guys called, the Pyramid Link Building.
      So, in my link building strategy, I had divided into 3 tier.

      Tier #0 Ė Super Post

      The lowest tier is what I called Super Post where it is the place you craft a super blog post on your blog.
      I had already mention what are the types of super post that I usually craft and this post itself, I would consider it as a piece of super post with a detailed backlinking tutorial and more than 1,000 words in total.

      Tier #1 Ė Web 2.0 & High Quality Article Directories

      In my first tier link building, I use high quality Web 2.0 and article directories to point directly to my super post.
      The following are my rules when building links to my super post from Tier #1:
      I only write relevant contents and link to my super post.
      I donít spam my super post with low quality links.
      I varies my anchor text while building links (Important to avoid Google Penguin)
      I never link back from my super post to my Tier #1. All link building should be only one-way.
      I will work hard to improve the authority of my Tier #1. (This highly relates to Tier #2)

      So now, on top of my rules, I will start writing relevant contents on some of the Web 2.0 and High Quality Article Directories.
      The sites which I highly recommend are:
      Ezine Articles
      Go Articles
      And the list goes on but I highly recommend doing the above first because they are both high PageRank and high Authority.

      After knowing the place that you want to write content, the next thing to do is to generate relevant contents to those sites. Notice that you have lots of sites to post your articles, you really need a good strategy here.

      My strategy to posting on those Web 2.0 sites and article directories is:
      Write a piece of good & relevant content. I usually hire people to do it since it is not posted on my site and I use iWriter to do this. You can get a piece of good content at the price of $5.
      Spin your articles around those sites where spinning is the art of generating multiple unique versions of article from one.

      Talking about spinning, I have my set of rules for spinning as well:
      Never spin other peopleís content.
      Never spin content from Squidoo. As Squidoo is a good place to build links, donít spin your content over there or use a spinned version over there.
      Never spin the content from your blog post. Write another piece just to spin.
      Never use spinned articles on your blog. They should only be placed on your Tier #1
      Donít use it on Tier #2 as well. Get another version for Tier #2.
      With the article spinner and a place to buy good contents, your Tier #1 link building should be easy enough.
      Once you are done with it, move on to Tier #2.

      Tier #2 Ė Article Distributions

      In Tier #2, you will be promoting your Tier #1 contents.
      The reason of doing Tier #2 link building is to build the authority of your Tier #1 links because Google loves high authority links and it is important for you to build lots of links there.
      And since those Web 2.0 sites and article directories received thousands of links everyday, it is completely safe for you to do so.
      My rule for Tier #2 link building is very simple which is, it has to be one way only. No linking back from Tier #0 or Tier #1 to Tier #2.

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      thank you for all info.

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      thank you,usefull info

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